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Talent Concept

Human Resources Policy
A career goal a person

Cultural ideas:
Simple, efficient, simple, so that everyone in a good mood, so we follow the development of enterprises make the country strong and rich people

HR philosophy
Common development of enterprises and employees, employees to work in the Southwest Electric Company is proud.

Companies pay and benefits
* Company encourages capacity building and adhere to performance-oriented, to attract, motivate and retain talent. Wages paid to employees, benefits in the local competitive and based on enterprise economic growth, annual salary review, an increase in pay and bonuses for staff.
* In addition to salaries, the company also offers a variety of benefits for employees, including: social insurance, housing fund, apartment-style dormitory, commuting traffic, free meals, child subsidies, healthy, rich cultural and sports activities, travel, holidays, sympathy, birthday congratulations, congratulations neonatal staff, visit sick employees, training subsidy, paid vacation
and so on.

New employee training
To help new employees adapt to the company culture and work environment, accelerate understanding of all aspects of the company, to work smoothly, the company's new recruits to report staff will arrange training. Is divided into
two stages:

* First stage: new employee orientation, mainly to help new employees feel deep culture, philosophy, development, strategic objectives, organizational structure, the company's products and business conditions;
* Second stage: the-job training, the company arranged for each new employee designated to work with professional instructors give job guidance and help.
* The third stage: select outstanding professional staff to the high domestic famous universities for professional training to accompany.