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Company Profile

Founded in 1992, Mianzhu Xinan Electrotechnical Equipment Co., Ltd always devotes itself to the development and manufacture of high- voltage testing equipments and special HV capacitors as a major technical equipment engineering manufacturer in Sichuan province. We have built new specialized factories and two HV shielded test halls with total area of 30000 square meters. Staff of 160, senior and intermediate technician more than 30.

We adhere to the “technology innovation, quality excellence”. And strive to provide customers with quality products and services. We have developed three series of products: DCHV generator, special HV capacitor and breaker capacitor, which are 
Wildly used in high-voltage research and testing and defense engineering research, etc.
We have developed DCHV generator ZDF series with feature of fast polarity reversal. It can carry out polarity reversal of positive and negative test voltage within 1 minute, and the unit itself has no partial discharge. We have awarded a number of national patents due to it. We have produced many DCHV generators according to different application sites and technical requirements. Users are: China Electric Power Research Institute, China Southern Power Grid, Xi’an HV Apparatus Research Institute, ALSTOM Grid, TEBA Group. Toshiba Transformer Co., Henan Pinggao Electrics Co.. It is used to perform  corona test, radio interference and pollution flashover for DC transmission line.  And used to carry out type test and routine test for DC converter transformer, HVDC valve, DC breaker, filter capacitor, smooth reactor, etc.

Impulse capacitor and coupling capacitor we produced are popular for numerous manufacturers of HV test equipment with application of impulse voltage, surge current, synthetic test circuit, voltage and PD measurement, etc. We have exported capacitors to Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, U.S.A, Japan, Australia and other countries or regions. We are long-term supplier of capacitor for Haefely Co., Switzerland and HIGHVOLT, Germany. Also,
Capacitor is used in national defense engineering research, such as China Academy of Engineering Physics, and Northwest Institute of Nuclear Physics, etc.

We are council member of National Pulse Power Association