◎ after-sales service commitment

◆ our company hereby undertakes to provide after-sales service for the project:

* our company provides "three guarantees" warranty, replacement and return services for the goods we provide. Free warranty period from the date of acceptance of the goods, the warranty period is limited to 1 year (including hardware and software), free maintenance within 1 year. The free scope includes the maintenance of spare parts, labor, transportation and other maintenance costs and the use of product training and debugging costs. Provide site maintenance in case of major events.

* provide hotline support. In case of any problems in maintenance or operation, the maintenance personnel can call the after-sales service office of our company to consult with the technical personnel. If the relevant technical problems can be solved in real time, our company will send engineers to the site to assist according to the actual situation.

* after-sales service tel:

* service hours: 24 hours/day 7 days/week

* in any case, users can contact us through the 24-hour technical support email from our engineering service department. When we receive the email, we will answer users' questions in the shortest time and try our best to solve their problems.

* during the warranty period, we are responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of all the equipment stipulated in the contract, and free replacement and maintenance of any equipment or component damage caused by the design, installation process, materials, product quality and parts, and the warranty period of the replaced equipment and parts can be extended accordingly.

* when the system software version is upgraded, the equipment shall be upgraded for life for free, and the latest version shall be provided to the user timely.

◆ provide lifelong maintenance:

* after the warranty period, the engineers of our company conducted a one-time overall test and adjustment of the large screen.

* after the warranty period, the spare parts of the same grade provided by our company to users can be used for emergency fault replacement and maintenance of possible faults during the operation of large screen, so as to ensure the stable operation of the system. The replacement equipment will only be charged the cost fee.

* after the warranty period, if there is any failure of module, power supply, control system, etc., the user can directly send it back to our company for maintenance. Our company's technical staff will return it to the user in time after the repair. If can not repair the situation, can provide users with the same grade of accessories, only charge cost.

* if the problem cannot be solved during the phone call, our company will send technicians to inspect the problem and only charge the cost during the call. Specific work content of t-type service:

1) horizontal service consulting:

* target customer consulting: investigate and consult target customers on product requirements.

* good sales network: respect customers, polite hospitality, warm and thoughtful service attitude, for customers to create a good purchase conditions.

* various preferential services: regular maintenance, extended warranty, home repair, preferential upgrade, with prizes to supervise the quality.

* advertising and publicity: according to the actual situation, the company does a lot of publicity on the product and performance, quality service measures.

2) vertical services include:

* pre-sales service: before the new product is sold, introduce the product performance to customers and analyze the advantages of the product compared with those of the same industry.

* on-sale service: purchase suitable products for new and old customers, so that users can buy satisfactory and secure.

* after-sales service:

● Product installation height;

● Product regular maintenance;

● Product troubleshooting (including warranty period warranty, warranty period warranty);

● Technical consulting or training;

● customer troubleshooting (hotline or online service);

● Product upgrade service.

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