The international leading converter valve of ±1100kV/5000A uhvdc transmission system has been developed successfully

source: Release time:2012-04-03

On April 2, 2012, 2 5 points, as a final MVU operation impact test and at the end of the project, xi 'an xd power system co., LTD., developed with independent intellectual property rights of + 1100 kV / 5000 a ultra high voltage direct current converter valve, in the testimony of the Netherlands KEMA related personnel, has been successful in the center of the institute of xi 'an high voltage electric test certification passed all type tests.

±1100 kV /5000A converter valve is currently the world's highest voltage and current level converter valve products in the dc transmission field. Through the type testing, marked the xd company has the international leading level power system of converter valve design, manufacture and test technology, marked the history of xd company in HVDC power system in the new starting point, improves the capacity for independent innovation of enterprises, promote the development of the uhv dc transmission technology in China.

±1100 kV /5000

A. on site of type test of converter valve insulation

(test loop converter valve are adopted to simulate the load test device, the load is mainly used to + 660 kV, 800 kV, plus or minus + 1100 kV ehv and uhv dc transmission projects such as thyristor converter valve, in the heart of the insulation type testing process to replace multiple part of valve test, its parameters and corresponding thyristor converter valve parameters of equivalent, greatly saving the cost of test. The device is provided by sichuan mianzhu southwest electrical equipment co., LTD.)

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