Resistance capacity universal voltage divider

Combined or composite voltage waveform measurement. Combined waveform measurement of TRV and power frequency recovery voltage (or dc voltage) in large capacity test system;

Composite switchgear

The closure device is used for the synthesis test circuit of the large-capacity test system, and the current source is introduced in the short-circuit current closure test of the high-voltage switch.

The resistor

Non-inductive, high-power places

Complete set of LC oscillating current sources for low voltage switch testing

Short circuit fault current breaking test for low voltage circuit breaker

Low frequency LC oscillating current source for dc switching test

The short-circuit fault current breaking test of dc circuit breaker is carried out by using the current rising rate of low-frequency oscillation waveform

Converter valve synthesis test LC oscillating voltage source

HVDC transmission thyristor converter valve, reverse voltage resistance test after locking

LC oscillating current source for failure current test of converter valve

Short-circuit fault current test of converter valves for HVDC power transmission

Capacitive load device

As a capacitive load of capacitive current opening and closing test in large capacity test, it is suitable for three phase or single compatibility current opening and closing test of high-voltage ac circuit

TRV FM device

In the large capacity test system, it is used as the characteristic of the regulating circuit TRV (transient recovery voltage) after the circuit breaker breaks short circuit current, and bears the transient

Delay capacitor

The delay capacitor is used in the synthetic test circuit of large capacity test system to adjust the delay characteristics of the circuit after the circuit breaker breaks the short-circuit current,

Near - area fault test manual link

The near area fault test manual link is used as the link for the circuit breaker near area fault break test in the synthetic test circuit of the large capacity test system to provide the recovery voltage required by the test.

Arc extending loop device

As a device in the main circuit of the synthetic test circuit to prevent the sample from extinguishing the arc in advance when the current exceeds zero, the arc time of the circuit breaker can be the same as that of the rated

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