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Impulse Capacitor

Impulse Capacitor

* Introduction
Impulse capacitor is wildly used in impulse energy device of high voltage or high current. Such as impulse voltage generator, impulse current generator, square wave generator, high repetition impulse generator and oscillation circuit test systems. Also wildly used in new areas of high voltage test, defense research, impulse power technology and new technology.

Applied to impulse voltage generator
Applied to impulse current generator.
Applied to oscillation circuit
Applied to impulse voltage generator

*Service conditions and technical parameters
1). Applicable standard : JB/T8168-1999 “Impulse capacitor and DC capacitor”;
2).Operation site: indoor / outdoor
Ambient temperature : -40 ~ +45 ℃;
ltitude : ≤ 1000m ( above 1000m, unless otherwise noted )
3). Capacitance tolerance : ≤ ± 5%;
4). Dielectric loss : ≤ 0.2%;
5). Insulation resistance or time constant
Insulation resistance ≥1×104MΩat capacitance ≤ 1uF
Time constant of ≥1×10-4s at capacitance >1uF
6) Housing: metal tank or insulation

* Technical parameters and dimensions for reference